"Nestea" 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea - 13 Sachets Maximize

"Nestea" 3 in 1 Instant Milk Tea - 13 Sachets

  • 455 grams (35 grams x 13 sachets)

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"Nestea" 3 in 1 Milk Tea (13 sachets)
"เนสที" ชานมสำหรับชงร้อน หรือเย็น

(Not ship to: Australia, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey)
(Restricted to: Belgium, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Russia Federation)
(To Vietnam, less than 500 grams are allowed in one order)

Weight for 13 sachets: 455 grams (1 sachet: 35 grams)

Available Selling Sets:
1 Pack: 455 Grams (13 Sachets x 35 Grams) 
3 Packs: 1,365 Grams (39 Sachets x 35 Grams)

Click Here for Big Pack (1,000 grams) of Nestea 3-in-1 Instant Milk Tea

Ingredient: Sugar 59%, Creamer 22%, Low Fat Milk Powder 13%, Tea Powder 3%
No preservative, Natural Color and Flavor 

How to make Iced Milk Tea
1) Mix Nestea Milk Tea with 1/4 of cup or 60 ml of hot water
2) Add 60 millitre of cold water and mix together
3) Add ice cube as much as you would like 

For Hot Milk Tea
Simply add hot water as much as you prefer. If you prefer the rich taste, please do not add too much hot water.

Nestea Milk Tea