"Number One Brand" Tea - Extra Gold Maximize

"Number One Brand" Tea - Extra Gold

  • 400 grams
  • premium tea for Thai Iced Milk Tea and others

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“Number One Brand” Tea, EXTRA GOLD (400 Grams)
"ชาตรามือ" ฉลากทอง 400 กรัม

(Not Ship to: Taiwan and
(To Vietnam, less than 500 grams are allowed in one order)

The EXTRA GOLD Number One Brand tea is fine and premium Thai tea. 
If you are a fan of “Number One Brand” Thai tea, this is a great Thai tea for you to try.
The EXTRA GOLD Number One Brand tea is also good for making tea by coffee machine.

Net Weight: 400 grams / 0.88 lbs / 14.10 oz 


Number One Brand, the Original Thai Tea since 1945

“Number One Brand” Thai Tea is fondly called by tea drinkers in Thailand- "Chaa Traa Muue", which means "The Thumb Brand Tea" - an indication of satisfaction and approval of its taste, flavor and aroma since 1945. The Thai tea is sold in most retail outlets throughout Thailand and is used mostly to make Thai Iced Tea, Thai Milk tea, and Thai lemon Tea. Moreover, the Number One Brand Thai tea is a popular brand which is selected to make Thai Tea Cake by Thai bakers in Thailand.

  • Weight 400 grams / 0.88 lbs / 14.10 oz