Set of "Number One Brand" Green Milk Tea & tea filter Maximize

Set of "Number One Brand" Green Milk Tea & tea filter

  • 8 bags of "Number One Brand" Green Milk Tea
  • 1 standard-size tea filter

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Set of "Number One Brand" Green Milk Tea & tea filter
ชุด "ชาตรามือ" ชาเขียวนม และถุงชงชา

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  • 8 bags of "Number One Brand" green milk tea (200 grams)
  • 1 tea filter (standard size)

ชุดชาไทยตรามือ ประกอบด้วย

  • ชาเขียวนมตรามือ 200 กรัม จำนวน 8 ถุง
  • ถุงชงชา ขนาดมาตรฐาน จำนวน 1 อัน

Number One Brand’s Green Milk Tea is exclusively grown and harvest from the cool mountainous regions in Thailand home to the greatest tea plantations in the world. Traditionally picked by skilled hands and blended by our tea masters, the tea releases an elegant aroma along with sweet taste and pleasant flavor.

The Green Milk Tea is best served with milk which can be savored either hot or cold. It can also be used as an ingredient to concoct your preferred beverage. Also, it can be mixed with various products to create delicious recipes for confectioneries, sweets and ice cream etc.

Note from RelishThai: This green milk tea is not like Japanese Matcha style. It is Thai style with jasmine scent.