About us

RelishThai's store is a local store in Bangkok, Thailand. We started selling Thai products online via ebay in 2010. In May 2013, our online store was launched for serving customers in 230 countries worldwide and offering 90% products manufactured in Thailand and other merchandises. All products in our store are carefully selected by the two main principles which are good quality and safety with Thailand and international trusted marks. Below are some samples of trusted marks on product labels.


Why buy from RelishThai's store?

Our selling history on in the past years has shown that we received 100% postive feedback from customers in Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and United States with positive reviews. This brings us new customers as same as repurchasing orders from regular customers. You can search our merchant name as "relishthailand" on or click here to view all reviews.

We assure our customers' payment and personal information via Paypal system. It helps protect our customer's credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. We also provide credit card protetion system for non-Paypal users.
The payment system with credit card will be protected by Paypal technology. This helps our customers shopping confidentially on our website.

Our retail store offers customers each item with reasonable price. By customizing shipping fees, the total prices of your shopping cart with shipping destination will show you preferable prices which you can check and compare with other stores shipping from Thailand to abroad.

No worry about old, spoiled, or short expiration dates. All items in RelishThai's store are brand new and fresh. When customers shopping at RelishThai's store, they will feel like putting the products with long expiration dates in their carts directly from Thai supermarket's and department store's shelf.

All order will be shipped in 1-2 working days of Thailand post (Monday to Friday and Saturday before noon, UTC/GMT +7 hours). Shipping fees on RelishThai's store are customized by country destination which will provide reasonable prices including package registration for all order. Moreover, our store has no minimum quantity and price required to order. We ship even 1 item!

At RelishThai's store, we also provide service for guests to shop all items. Therefore, customers are not required to register for shopping at our website if they prefer not to.

RelishThai's store offer mobile platform for customers to shop anywhere you want.