Q: What is currency of price on RelishThai's Store?
A: Our store uses US Dollar for the price.

Q: Can I order any products on RelishThai’s Store?
A: Yes, you can. However, not all products are eligible to enter some countries due to the different custom regulations. We therefor encourage you to make sure or discuss with us first before placing an order. Prior to mail your package, we will double check the information and try to confirm your order again. Therefor, please kindly check your email after placing an order.

Q: I cannot find the product I want.
A: If you have a problem of searching products or browsing the website, please kindly contact us for help. Now, we are uploading more products every week. Some products you want are in an uploading list but have not been displayed on the website. Please let us help you in this situation.

Q: How to use the promotion code?
A: On the shopping cart page, please enter 8 digits of your promotion code in “VOUCHERS” field and press OK button to apply the promotion code for a discount.

How to enter promotion code

Q: What country do you ship product(s) to?
A: We ship product(s) worldwide to 230 countries. Please see this link for your eligible country of shipment

Q: My shopping cart shows “Total weight exceeds, please split your order or contact us.”. What does it mean?
A: It means your total order weight is greater than 2 kilograms which is the maximum shipping weight we offer on the website. If you would like to proceed your order, please kindly contact us and tell the list of your products for your shipping costs. Click here for more information on shipment.

Q: Why do we limit the total order weight to only 2 kilograms?
A: Regarding to the different custom regulations on each country, a package over 2 kilograms might be considered as a commercial use; therefore, for the smooth shipment we need to make sure that all packages shipped from RelishThai's Store will be delivered to all customers and will not be charged for any import taxes. However, we still offer shipment over 2 kilograms. Please contact us for more information or view the shipping information.

Q: Popup window says that “You already have the maximum quantity available for this product.” but I want to add more quantity of the product. What should I do?

A: Please contact us first so we can check our stock if we have more quantity of the product or not.

Q: Why shipping fees are expensive?
A: We try our best to offer the reasonable international shipping fee with the acceptable shipping period (2-3 weeks) based on the customized customer's destination with registration service for making sure that all package will be delivered to customer's places. If customer would like a cheaper shipping fee, please kindly contact us for a quotation. The cheaper shipping fee will take longer time (around 1 month) to arrive in the country destination. 

Q: Do you offer free shipment?
A: We offer free shipping service only to customers in Thailand on some cases. Customers can contact us for more information. For other countries outside Thailand, we are sorry for not be able to offer free shipment.

Q: How do you ship product(s)?
A: We ship product(s) from Thailand post and your package will go through your local post to your location.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: After we shipped your mail package, we will send you a message with a tracking number and a link for tracking your order on Thailand Post. More tracking websites for Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Philippines, Russia and the United States customers.

Q: I cannot see the further status of my package on Thailand Post website once it left Thailand airport.
A: Some local post in your destination country might not update the processing status and send it back to Thailand post. If you still do not receive your package after 12 to 15 days (not include Sunday) of the date your package left Thailand, please kindly contact your local post office first by using the tracking number for a reference and contact us again.


Q: I sent message from contact us page on but still do not receive a reply.

A: We try to contact all customers back within 1 day or as earlier as possible. Sometimes, our reply message is put in SPAM folder. If customer does not see the reply message in your INBOX, please kindly check your SPAM folder.  If customers still do not find our reply message, please kindly spend time contact us again.

Q: I sent an email to but still do not receive a reply.

A: Sometimes your email might go to our SPAM folder and we do not see the email. Please accept our apology for this inconvenience. We will try to check the SPAM folder and reply you back as soon as possible.